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REN-ISAC Board, Advisory Groups, and Analysis Teams




The REN-ISAC is governed by a Board, in accordance with Bylaws, and is administered by a Host Organization (Indiana University) in accordance with an Operating Agreement, and applicable law. The Board consists of a mix of two-thirds Directors elected from the Membership and Directors that may be appointed by the Board, Host, or other Sponsor Organizations that meet the standards for Board representation as established in the Bylaws. The Board was formed June 1, 2015.

Members of the Board are:

 Mark Bruhn Indiana University
 Ken Connelly, Chair University of Northern Iowa
 David Escalante Boston College
 Harry Hoffman Harvard University
 Paul Howell Internet2
 Leilani Lauger University of Chicago
 Martin Manjak, Secretary-Treasurer University at Albany
 Daniel Schwalbe, Vice-Chair University of Washington
 Theresa Semmens North Dakota State University
ex officio (non-voting):
 Kim Milford, Executive Director REN-ISAC / Indiana University
advisory (non-voting):
 John Kristoff, chair Technical Advisory Group Depaul University
 Joanna Grama EDUCAUSE
 Rich Graves, chair Membership Committee Carleton College
 Doug Pearson, Technical Director REN-ISAC / Indiana University

Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) advises regarding products, services, and methods. Considerations include, but are not limited to: services, information products, information sharing and communication methods, relationships, technical methods to support the trust community and activities, and methods to implement and evaluate services and products.

The TAG is composed of approximately ten members selected by the TAG, and one or more liaisons appointed by REN-ISAC management. The TAG is primarily composed of REN-ISAC members, but may contain individuals not eligible for REN-ISAC membership. Individuals drawn from outside the REN-ISAC membership will be given the privileges of membership during their TAG appointment.

Among its activities, the TAG:

  1. performs an annual survey of the REN-ISAC membership to evaluate existing information product and services and to develop recommendations for new or improved products and services;
  2. holds an annual birds-of-a-feather meeting in calendar opposition to the survey and in conjunction with a major conference that has strong attendance of research and education security personnel;
  3. provides to REN-ISAC written recommendations developed from the survey and BoF inputs, other input gathering, and the combined experience of the TAG members. The reports will critically evaluate existing REN-ISAC products and services; identify and prioritize issues, questions, and opportunities; recommend new or improved services and products; and recommend technical methods, tools, relationships, and analytic techniques to support or improve products and services.

Members of the Technical Advisory Group:

 John Kristoff, chair Depaul University
 Phil Deneault Boston College
 Andre DiMino The George Washington University
 Martin Manjak University at Albany
 Joe St Sauver Farsight Security, Inc.
 Keith Schoenefeld Elon University
 Gabriel Deleon REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Scott Finlon REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Chris O'Donnell REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Doug Pearson REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Wes Young REN-ISAC / Indiana University

Microsoft Analysis Team

REN-ISAC and Microsoft cooperate to improve cyber security in the higher-education sector through partnership in the Security Cooperation Program of the Microsoft Security Response Alliance. Under the Program, the organizations share information, of agreed-upon type and scope, with the end goals to provide proactive security information on Microsoft products to the REN-ISAC members, to provide information regarding security experience in higher education to Microsoft, and to maintain a standing relationship prepared for emergency cooperative response.

The Microsoft Analysis Team (MAT), formed of REN-ISAC members possessing specific strengths in Microsoft product security, serves as the information sharing conduit between Microsoft and the REN-ISAC community. The MAT receives, analyzes, and prepares information for sharing, respecting confidentiality requirements of each party. MAT member agreement to the Model Terms for Higher Education Security Response Program Agreement with Microsoft guides confidential information sharing according to goals and activities of the Program.

Information shared under the Program includes, but is not limited to: pre-release information regarding monthly security bulletins, information related to common virus and security issues, in-depth information on publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, monthly bulletin reviews, emergency response coordination, education, and outreach. The MAT provides monthly reports to REN-ISAC members (coinciding with Microsoft Patch Tuesday), and as-needed analysis, guidance, and support when wide-spread Microsoft-related issues arise.

Members of the Microsoft Advisory Team:

 Brian Smith-Sweeney, chair Columbia University
 Scott Fendley The University of Alabama at Birmingham
 Daniel Schwalbe University of Washington
 Chris O'Donnell REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Doug Pearson REN-ISAC / Indiana University

Membership Committee

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The Membership Committee working in cooperation the REN-ISAC directors is responsible for:

The Membership Committee is composed of appointed members and the REN-ISAC Director. Appointments are for a three-year term and are made on a staggered basis with one-third of the positions filled each year. The chair's appointment is for one year. The composition of the Committee is intended to reflect as broadly as possible the make-up of the research and education community. The Committee Chair seeks volunteers from the membership for open Committee seats, and submits recommendations to the REN-ISAC Director. The committee as a whole recommends to the REN-ISAC Director an individual from the committee to serve as its next vice chair. The vice chair serves a one-year term, followed by a one-year term as chair. The chair and vice chair, assume their committee responsibilities at the close of the annual meeting in the year in which they are appointed.

The Membership Committee chair and vice chair must submit an annual report to the REN-ISAC Director two weeks in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Members of the Membership Committee are:

 Rich Graves, chair Carleton College
 Beth E. Binde Rutgers University
 Jesse Bowling Duke University
 Charles Leggett Georgia Institute of Technology
 Todd Herring REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Kim Milford REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Doug Pearson REN-ISAC / Indiana University
 Gerry Sneeringer University of Maryland