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Meet REN-ISAC staff and members at:

August 25-26, 2016 ArchCon St Louis, MO
September 13-15, 2016 BroCon TACC in Austin, TX
September 25-28, 2016 Internet2 Technology Exchange Miami, FL
October 25-28, 2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Anaheim, CA

Public TechBurst Webcasts

September 13, 2016, noon EDT

School of Phish: Sink & SIEM to Seal Leaking Credentials
Keith Hartranft and Colin Foley; Lehigh University

A link to launch the webcast will be provided here on the day of the event.

Session Abstract

Feeling like you're "Sleepin' with the Phishes" with Luca Brasi? Witnessing more Whaling than Captain Ahab aboard the Pequod? Well then... wade on into the Webinar and join the School of Phish!

We'll be presenting on what we hope are some creative angling techniques to Sink, SIEM, and Seal up those leaking credentials and perhaps even lure the Phishers themselves into our nets. What's included within our Phish story will be:

While some of our charter boat tour will be what systems are utilized at Lehigh specifically, we feel all strategies and processes presented will be useful no matter how your organization is outfitted! We also expect this to be a collaborative expedition as we hope to reel in new ideas and automation into this process.

Speaker(s): Keith Hartranft, CISSP, CISM, PCIP Chief Information Security Officer; Lehigh University and Colin Foley, Identity and Access Manager; Lehigh University


Keith Hartranft is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), ISACA CISM, and Payment Card Industry Internal Security Assessor (PCI-ISA) with over 25 years of Information Security and Systems Engineering experience. Keith has management responsibility for the design, development, and implementation of the information security program for Lehigh University. This includes responsibility for initiation of technical and administrative controls that include: campus wide information security policy and procedures creation, data privacy and monitoring, security and compliance assessments, training, and awareness, data traffic monitoring, intrusion detection, incident response, and forensic investigations, review of security strategies with risk management and legal departments, and implementation of technical defense and vulnerability assessment technology.

Keith also teaches a Business Information Systems (BIS333) Enterprise Risk Management and Information Security class at Lehigh and has instructed in a variety of Information Security topics over the past 15 years at Northampton Community College as an Associate Professor. Keith has presented as a keynote speaker at IT conferences and to professional, higher education, and varied community groups, both domestic and abroad, on information security practices. Keith was also a National Science Foundation grant awarded Principal Investigator for Projects Based Learning initiatives.

Colin Foley is the Identity and Access Manager at Lehigh University. Colin joined Lehigh University in 2012 as a web application developer specializing in the Drupal CMS. He has since transitioned into an Information Security role within the Identity & Access Management (IAM) domain and is responsible for all electronic access control provisioning and monitoring at Lehigh. Colin brings a unique background of DevOps, GIS, Data Migration, and Web Application Development & Design to IAM at Lehigh. He has co-presented at DrupalCon North America, keynoted the ScienceOnDrupal track of the Federation of Earth Sciences Information Partners Summer Meeting, and presented at many local Drupal meetups.

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