The REN-ISAC is governed by a Board, in accordance with Bylaws, and is administered by a Host Organization (Indiana University) in accordance with an Operating Agreement, and applicable law. The Board consists of a mix of two-thirds Directors elected from the Membership and Directors that may be appointed by the Board, Host, or other Sponsor Organizations that meet the standards for Board representation as established in the Bylaws. The Board was formed June 1, 2015.

Members of the Board are:

Mark BruhnIndiana University
Ken Connelly, ChairUniversity of Northern Iowa
David EscalanteBoston College
Harry HoffmanHarvard University
Paul HowellInternet2
Leilani LaugerUniversity of Chicago
Martin Manjak, Secretary-TreasurerUniversity at Albany
Daniel Schwalbe, Vice ChairUniversity of Washington
Theresa SemmensNorth Dakota State University

Ex officio (non-voting):

Kim Milford, Executive DirectorREN-ISAC

Advisory (non-voting):

John Kristoff, Technical Advisory Group ChairDepaul University
Joanna GramaEDUCAUSE
Rich Graves, Membership Committee ChairCarleton College
Doug Pearson, Technical DirectorREN-ISAC