Alerts and Advisories

REN-ISAC communications are normally conducted within the private membership. On occasion we issue public Alerts and Advisories, archived here.  As a rule, we do not repeat alerts or advisories that one would normally see elsewhere.  We craft alerts and advisories specifically for the research and education community.

2019-01-29 ADVISORY:
DNS Flag Day February 1, 2019

2018-01-05 ADVISORY:
Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability Being Exploited by Bitcoin Miners

2017-05-05 Public Service Announcement:
FBI PSA: Recent Fraud Schemes Targeting Universities and Their Students

2015-05-28 ADVISORY:
Logjam Vulnerability, and Hardening Your Cryptography

2015-02-09 ADVISORY:
Tax Fraud

2014-11-12 ADVISORY:
University Payroll Theft Scheme

2014-10-22 ALERT:
Muzzling the POODLE (While Cleaning Up Other Related Vulnerabilities, Too)

2014-09-25 ALERT:
CRITICAL vulnerability in bash (shellshock)

2014-04-10 ALERT:
CRITICAL Vulnerability In OpenSSL: HeartBleed

2014-03-10 ALERT: NTP-Based Distributed Denial of Service Attacks -
Prevent your institution from being an unwitting partner in these attacks

2013-11-12 ALERT:
Threat to institutional computer accounts by the Adobe breach

2013-05-08 ALERT: Prevent your institution from being an unwitting partner in denial of service attacks

2010-01-14 ALERT: Targeted attacks on institutional online banking