Health data breaches affecting more than 500 patients per incident have been on the rise. Two leading causes for these data breaches are the theft of both laptop computers and paper-based records. Because electronic health records are even more valuable to the underground market than your average personally identifiable information, an educated workforce is crucial for healthcare companies entrusted with sensitive patient data. STH.Healthcare is a computer-based security awareness program tailored for healthcare organizations.

The training is delivered via SCORM-compliant web video-based modules utilizing the SANS-hosted Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or internally via your own learning management system (LMS).

Demo accounts are available, giving you the ability to sample the video modules.


STH.Healthcare is purchased according to the number of persons undergoing training. The aggregate-purchase price is $4.95 per person for a 1-year license to the training, and $8.70 per person for a 2-year license. The minimum order is $3,960 for 1-year licensing and $6,960 for 2-year licensing

Additional information is available at

A full list of the training modules and demo short snippets is available here.