SANS NetWars is a hands-on, interactive learning environment that enables information security professionals to develop and master the skills they need to excel in their field. In SANS award-winning courses, attendees consistently rate our hands-on exercises as the most valuable part of the course. With NetWars, we have really raised the ante, as participants learn while working through various challenge levels, all hands-on, with a focus on skills information security professionals can use in their jobs every day.

NetWars Continuous allows participants to build their skills on their own time over a four-month period working from their office or home across the Internet. Also, NetWars Continuous supports a unique Automated Hint System that turns dead ends into learning opportunities. Participants learn the areas where they need to increase their proficiency so they may improve, come back, and continue the challenge. At the end of the four months, participants will receive a written assessment of the skills which they demonstrated during NetWars.

CPE and SANS CMU credits (1 CPE = 1 CMU) are provided for NetWars participation. Upon completing Level 3, 12 credits are given.


NetWars is purchased per person, at $1760, as a component of an Online training order. The minimum order is $5280 (3 credits). See for ordering details.

For additional information, see this overview of the NetWars training.

NetWars testimonials:

"San Diego State University hosted a NetWars challenge as a group (team) to attack the problems. Felecia Vlahos, ISO, wrote: The biggest support was the hints. To succeed I needed someone who knew databases, someone who knew php, and someone who knew the OS. I thought NetWars was way more challenging than a real hacking environment. My folks unanimously said it is the best training they ever had. They aren't newbies, so quite a compliment to your product. We were very impressed with SANS NetWars. The material is relevant and educational, and the tournament style play is remarkably engaging. I really like the scoring system and scoreboard."
Adam Tice, Lockheed Center for Cyber Security

"Excellent regardless of skill level!"
Greg Hetrick, ACT

"It was great to test my skills and to see where I needed more work.  I had never participated in anything like that before, and am so glad I did."
Sean Nixon, Morris Communications

"An excellent hands-on approach for all levels."
Jarrod Frates, ACS, Inc.

"Challenges you to add creativity to your arsenal of technical skills."
Ben Allen, University of Minnesota

"I have been having a great time playing SANS NetWars and am learning from it at the same time. Most of the tools I am using were things I already knew existed, but had never had a chance to use in a real world scenario, but there have been new things I have learned as well. Perhaps the best part has been that it has reminded me of how info-sec can be fun."
John Ives, Sr Security Analyst, Univ of California - Berkeley

"I felt as if NetWars was one of the best educational experiences I've been through."
Samuel Gaudet, University of Maine System

"Having participated in NetWars continuous and in NetWars tournament, I can honestly say that it was the most intellectually challenging and the most enjoyable test of technical skills in which I have had the privilege to participate."
Kees Leune, Adelphi University

"We worked with SANS as a partner to be flexible in a way that we could take that existing [NetWars] framework they provide and make it work for our needs, not as a tournament-type environment but more as a student assessment."
Skip Runyan, Technical Adviser for the 39th Information Operations Squadron, US Air Force