FAQ answers are courtesy of SANS
Please note that this FAQ is best effort and that answers are subject to change or clarification.

Q. Do I need to know the exact classes or persons when placing my Online Training order?
No, you only need to know how many courses and GIAC certification exams you want. Upon placing your order, you do NOT have to decide who will take which courses. Once your account is created, you will have 12 months to assign each of your course credits and associated GIAC exams to students. Credits may be used for any available OnDemand course or public vLive event.

Q. How long will a student have to complete an OnDemand course?
4 months from the time you assign a course to the person.

Q. What is the best way to purchase GIAC?
You should purchase GIAC on your same order as OnDemand. This way, you will be sure to get the Bundled GIAC price of $689 each rather than the higher Challenge GIAC price if you purchase GIAC later.

Q. How long will a student have to complete a GIAC certification exam?
4 months from the time you assign the GIAC certification exam to the person.

Q. What is GIAC?
Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is a highly-respected certification program for security professionals. GIAC is optional.

Q. Are the Online training credits in a paper or electronic form?

Q. How will my SANS Online training and GIAC order be managed?
When you send in your payment for your SANS Online training and GIAC order, SANS will create a SANS FlexPass Voucher Credit account. This account will look similar to an online banking account with an initial deposit of credits in accordance with your order. You will be able to view your Credit usage and control how your Credits are spent. Your students can enroll themselves online, or you can do this for them. Enrollments and approvals can all be done online. You will also have the option of requesting reports on the certification results of your students.

Q. Can I combine savings from my credit account with any other SANS discount offer?
No. Your SANS training has already been heavily discounted. No additional discounts will apply.