STH - Phishing

Preventing a spear phishing attack and thwarting phishing scams have come to the forefront for today's security awareness professionals. SANS Phishing is a simple, cost effective tool that allows you to reach everyone within your organization. Consistently reinforce the importance of security by educating the right people at the right time and by applying targeted training that changes employee behavior. As phishing attacks continue to become increasingly sophisticated and highly targeted, an anti-phishing program alone is not enough. Training on how to prevent phishing attacks and reporting phishing emails is only one piece of the puzzle. To be effective, anti-phishing learning objectives must be part of the overall security awareness training program. SANS Phishing is seamlessly integrated with the Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform (ACLP) to ensure a holistic awareness solution.

Proven Metrics
    - Benchmark your phishing results against other organizations & industries
    - Identify and track your repeat offenders for additional training
    - Know and show the impact of your awareness training with detailed metrics on risk exposure

Robust Reporting
    - Easy-to-read dashboards provide visual representation of assessments
    - Identify susceptible users by tracking individual behavior, system information, and other related data
    - Determine future assessment and targeted training needs

Easy to implement
    - Get up and running fast with easy to use templates. Choose from a pool of templates or create or modify your own with a simple editor
    - Easily test different target groups by choosing from three tiers of template complexity
    - Quickly schedule and publish tests with included email and landing page phishing templates


STH.Phishing is purchased according to the number of persons undergoing training. Additional savings can be enjoyed when it is bundled with STH.EndUser or STH.Healthcare.
Cost per seatMinimum Order
1 Year2 YearUser Count1 Year Cost2 Year Cost
Stand Alone$ 2.50$ 4.601200$ 3,000.00$ 5,520.00
Bundled$ 1.90$ 3.301200$ 2,280.00# 3,300.00

SANS Phishing combined with the powerful Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform allows you to tailor a very precise training curriculum for each end user in your organization and maximize the awareness impact from every training engagement.

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