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Using Inclusive Language in IT (TLP:CLEAR)

In an effort to foster a more inclusive community, REN-ISAC created this guidance document to offer suggested alternatives for problematic words and phrases found in IT technical jargon and professional shorthand. REN-ISAC staff have already taken steps to adopt this language in our official communications, and we encourage our member institutions, professional partners, and professional community to join us in this effort. 

Briefing: Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity (TLP:CLEAR)

On May 12, 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order (EO) to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and strengthen the federal government’s operational networks. In this REN-ISAC/CACR joint briefing, you will get an overview of the actions specified in the Executive Order and higher education's role in shaping those actions.

Ransomware Best Practices (TLP:CLEAR)

The recent attack on Colonial Pipeline only further highlights the threat of ransomware not only for individual organizations but also for overall critical infrastructure. To help you and your organization mitigate the threat of a ransomware attack, REN-ISAC has compiled a short Ransomware Best Practices document that includes REN-ISAC's analysis of ransomware targeting EDUs and teaching hospitals, mitigation techniques for strengthening known access points, and practical prevention and response strategies from our 2021 Blended Threat Workshop ransomware scenario.

Effective Practices: Cybersecurity and International Travel Series (TLP:CLEAR)

Do you know how to keep you and your information safe while travelling abroad? REN-ISAC can help. REN-ISAC gives you the tools to better prepare you and the staff, students, and faculty at your institution for international travel. Use the checklists to support colleagues before, during, and after their travels.

Checklist for the Individual Traveler
Checklist for the IT Professional

Blended Threat Workshop Series

The Blended Threat Workshop Series brought together security specialists across disciplines to handle a hypothetical blended physical and cyber threat on a university campus. The Final Findings Report provides actionable best practices and tips to mitigate challenges of each year's threat scenario.

2021 Final Findings Reports: Ransomware Scenario

2021 Final Findings Report
2021 Final Findings Report Brief

2019 Final Findings Reports: Measles Outbreak Scenario

2019 Final Findings Report
2019 Final Findings Report Brief

2018 Final Findings Report: Controversial Speaker Scenario

2018 Final Findings Report
2018 Final Findings Report Brief