Our Trust Community

Real data. Real relationships. Real resources.
The foundation of REN-ISAC trust

REN-ISAC members share real, practical defense information—such as incident experiences, methods, sources, and infected systems—in a private community composed of vetted, trusted peers. This means that not only can you rely on data you obtain, but you can participate without concern of drawing unwanted attention to your institution or abetting any adversary.

Community members receive access to the 24x7 REN-ISAC Watch Desk. What’s more, you’ll also have access to threat information resources ("data feeds") that can be used for IP address and DNS block lists, sensor signatures, identification of local compromised machines, and more.

Building and maintaining relationships are the core of the REN-ISAC Trust Community. Ties to other peer member institutions plus known and trusted external vendors and partners offers all members a wide breadth of knowledge.

Continued investment in your staff

Members participate in technical education security webinars, workshops, training, and member-only in-person meetings. You can also take advantage of special training discounts and other offers available from vendors and external partners.

Let the Trust Community start working for you