On the Habits and Habitats of Savvy SES Users

with Michael Davis of the REN-ISAC

Wednesday, Aug 17
Noon ET


You've read the introductory docs, you've watched the vRIMM 2020 SES presentation, and you've been using SES. But you thirst for more! This presentation covers the "more." We'll look at the traits of things in SES, how those things come together in the SES ecosystem, and how understanding those attributes can give you more ideas for using SES in your operations.

Speaker: Michael Davis, Principal Security Engineer, REN-ISAC

Michael Davis serves as a Principal Security Engineer for the REN-ISAC. He acts as a technical liaison to the RI community and is responsible for technical services such as the CSIRT, SES, and partner integrations. Prior, he spent over a decade as an IT director for a small, private university in the piney woods of East Texas, culminating in the position of inaugural director for information security. His technology background is in desktop engineering and Windows, but he enjoys numerous facets of science and learning. Michael’s formal education is a B.S. in Technology Management from Texas A&M University, as well as post-baccalaureate classes in biochemistry, genetics, embedded systems, and machine learning.

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This recording is open to the public, as well as designated representatives of REN-ISAC member institutions. Information is classified TLP:WHITE.