Membership Benefits

The Research and Education Networks Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC) is integral to higher education’s strategy to improve cybersecurity. By forming a trusted coalition, members are better equipped to analyze and respond to threats and incidents.  For a modest annual fee, eligible institutions enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Engagement in a private, vetted community of research and higher education information security professionals
  • Information sharing concerning security threat, protection, and response through forums and automated threat intelligence
  • Alerts and actionable information on issues that require immediate response
  • Access to REN-ISAC’s threat intelligence repository (SES), providing high-confidence feeds of threat indicator data for use in firewalls, IDS, sinkholes and blacklists
  • The Daily Watch Report, a brief summary providing situational awareness tailored to the research and education community
  • Staff development opportunities, through REN-ISAC governance and advisory groups
  • Timely engagements with REN-ISAC and its trusted partners concerning incidents of significant impact, scale, and sensitivity
  • Webinars and training on technical topics relevant to security protection and response
  • Advisories concerning specific practices and approaches that can improve security posture
  • Relationships with REN-ISAC partners, including Internet2, EDUCAUSE, and SANS, as well as governmental and private security information sharing organizations

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