A Trust Community for All

The REN-ISAC is committed to making our community a place where all members feel valued, respected, and encouraged. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial to maintaining and growing a flourishing research and education community, and we strive to provide an environment where everyone is welcomed, all voices are heard, and the communities that we serve are truly represented. 

For more information about REN-ISAC's commitment to diversity, contact us.   

Inclusive Language in IT

To encourage a more inclusive professional community, REN-ISAC has created “Using Inclusive Language in IT,” a short document that provides suggested alternatives for problematic words and phrases, with a special focus on those found in IT technical jargon and professional shorthand.This document is TLP:WHITE, so please feel free to share widely.

Access Using Inclusive Language in IT

While we have worked to create a rich listing of language alternatives, we readily admit that creating a new, more inclusive professional vocabulary takes time and collaboration. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Contact Member Services and Support to participate.