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The Research & Education Networks Information Sharing & Analysis Center (REN-ISAC), founded in 2003, is a higher education and research network cyber-threat information sharing alliance. The REN-ISAC is composed of approximately 700 member institutions with over 3,000 member representatives. Our team of cybersecurity experts works in service to, and in coordination with, global research and education institutions, partners, and sponsors to provide timely cybersecurity news reports, alerts and advisories, and analysis of cybersecurity threats and mitigation solutions. 

The REN-ISAC is one of a number of Information Sharing and Analysis Centers that serve critical infrastructure owners and operators  to protect their facilities, staff, and others against cyber and physical security threats and other risks. ISACs gather, evaluate, and communicate actionable threat information to their members, as well as tools for risk mitigation and resiliency. ISACs have a broad reach across their sectors, disseminating essential information and maintaining sector-wide situational awareness.

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