Enhancing higher education’s cybersecurity knowledge and awareness

REN-ISAC offers both public and members-only services to strengthen your cyber defense capabilities. We bolster the higher education sector through public services like incident response information, cloud vendor assessment tools, and biannual discounts for world-class professional training.

In addition, REN-ISAC membership has its privileges. As part of our trust community, you and your organization gain access to a large selection of members-only services including community discussion lists, confidential information sharing, daily situational reports, and members-only events.

Browse the list below to discover the many services addition benefits to membership.

Services and Resources Overview
Higher Ed Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT)

Publications: TLP:CLEAR

SANS Biannual Discount Window

Educational Webinars with CPEs


Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Hub Web and Mobile Info Alerts

Daily Watch Situational Report

Publications: TLP: GREEN and Stricter

Community Discussion Lists

Confidential Community Information Sharing

REN-ISAC Annual Member Conference

Authentication Log Tracking

pDNS Partnership with Farsight Security Inc.

Security Event System (SES) Threat Intelligence

How do I access REN-ISAC Member services?

  1. Check our list of member organizations.
  2. Found your organization? Congratulations! Your organization is a member. Request a nomination for personal entry to the REN-ISAC from your institution's security leaders.
  3. If your organization not listed, learn more about becoming a member.