Microsoft Analysis Team

REN-ISAC and Microsoft cooperate to improve cyber security in the higher-education sector through partnership in the Security Cooperation Program of the Microsoft Security Response Alliance. Under the Program, the organizations share information, of agreed-upon type and scope, with the end goals to provide proactive security information on Microsoft products to the REN-ISAC members, to provide information regarding security experience in higher education to Microsoft, and to maintain a standing relationship prepared for emergency cooperative response.

The Microsoft Analysis Team (MAT), formed of REN-ISAC members possessing specific strengths in Microsoft product security, serves as the information sharing conduit between Microsoft and the REN-ISAC community. The MAT receives, analyzes, and prepares information for sharing, respecting confidentiality requirements of each party. MAT member agreement to the Model Terms for Higher Education Security Response Program Agreement with Microsoft guides confidential information sharing according to goals and activities of the Program.

Information shared under the Program includes, but is not limited to: pre-release information regarding monthly security bulletins, information related to common virus and security issues, in-depth information on publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, monthly bulletin reviews, emergency response coordination, education, and outreach. The MAT provides monthly reports to REN-ISAC members (coinciding with Microsoft Patch Tuesday), and as-needed analysis, guidance, and support when wide-spread Microsoft-related issues arise.

Members of the Microsoft Advisory Team:

Scott FendleyThe University of Alabama at Birmingham
Gabriel DeleonREN-ISAC
Scott FinlonREN-ISAC
Chris O'DonnellREN-ISAC
Doug PearsonREN-ISAC