Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) advises regarding products, services, and methods. Considerations include, but are not limited to: services, information products, information sharing and communication methods, relationships, technical methods to support the trust community and activities, and methods to implement and evaluate services and products.

The TAG is composed of approximately ten members selected by the TAG, and one or more liaisons appointed by REN-ISAC management. The TAG is primarily composed of REN-ISAC members, but may contain individuals not eligible for REN-ISAC membership. Individuals drawn from outside the REN-ISAC membership will be given the privileges of membership during their TAG appointment.

Among its activities, the TAG:
  • performs an annual survey of the REN-ISAC membership to evaluate existing information product and services and to develop recommendations for new or improved products and services
  • holds an annual birds-of-a-feather meeting in calendar opposition to the survey and in conjunction with a major conference that has strong attendance of research and education security personnel
  • provides to REN-ISAC written recommendations developed from the survey and BoF inputs, other input gathering, and the combined experience of the TAG members.  The reports will critically evaluate existing REN-ISAC products and services; identify and prioritize issues, questions, and opportunities; recommend new or improved services and products; and recommend technical methods, tools, relationships, and analytic techniques to support or improve products and services.

Members of the Technical Advisory Group:

RuthAnne BevierCalifornia Institute of Technology
Jesse Bowling, ChairDuke University
Andre DiMinoThe George Washington University
John KristoffDepaul University
Martin ManjakUniversity at Albany
Joe St SauverFarsight Security, Inc.
Romain WartelCERN
Scott FinlonREN-ISAC
Calvin KrzywiecREN-ISAC
Chris O'DonnellREN-ISAC
Doug PearsonREN-ISAC