Membership Committee

Get to know your Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works in cooperation with the REN-ISAC directors to

  • Increase REN-ISAC membership, especially among under-represented segments of the U.S. research and education community
  • Welcome and acknowledge new members and encourage participation in REN-ISAC activities
  • Help prospective and current members become aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits of REN-ISAC
  • Identify and analyze the needs and perceptions of members and prospective members
  • Recommend improvements for meeting needs and managing perceptions of members and prospective members
  • Monitor vouching for prospective members and judging cases of dissent
  • Judge cases of reproach of a member
  • Maintain member awareness of REN-ISAC policies, and monitoring compliance
  • Adjudicate cases of policy breach

The Membership Committee is composed of appointed members and the REN-ISAC Director. Appointments are for a three-year term and are made on a staggered basis with one-third of the positions filled each year. The chair's appointment is for one year. The composition of the Committee is intended to reflect as broadly as possible the make-up of the research and education community. The Committee Chair seeks volunteers from the membership for open Committee seats, and submits recommendations to the REN-ISAC Director. The committee as a whole recommends to the REN-ISAC Director an individual from the committee to serve as its next vice chair. The vice chair serves a one-year term, followed by a one-year term as chair. The chair and vice chair, assume their committee responsibilities at the close of the annual meeting in the year in which they are appointed.

Membership Committee Members
Paul DrakeUniversity of Notre Dame
Dave NevinORTSOC
Jason ChambersUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Cal FryeCase Western Reserve University
Jeff GassawayUniversity of New Mexico
John IvesUniversity of California, Berkeley
Jesse La GrewMadison College
Todd HerringREN-ISAC

Questions about membership?

Have questions about membership rules, guidelines, resources? Not a member, but want some information on the benefits of membership? Contact the Membership Committee to get the answers you need.