Protecting your networks using ARIN’s free hosted RPKI-ROA service

with Steve Wallace from Internet2

Wednesday, February 8
Noon ET


Few networks within the US higher education community are protected from route hijacks or network misconfigurations by Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Routing Origin Authorization ROAs. Any organization with IP network addresses can mitigate the potential for their network to be hijacked or taken down by misconfigurations by taking advantage of a free service from ARIN. This presentation will describe how network hijacks can occur, their risk for supporting undetected man-in-the-middle attacks, and how they can be prevented by creating RPKI ROAs. While the service is free from ARIN, many networks in our community aren’t covered by an ARIN agreement. We’ll discuss approaches to covering your IP network numbers with an ARIN agreement and how to lock in lower pricing for these agreements. 

Speaker: Steve Wallace, Internet2, Director Routing Integrity

Steve Wallace promotes the adoption and improvement of routing security and integrity throughout the Internet2 community. He has been an active community member for over 24 years, having started as the engineer responsible for the team that built Abilene, Internet2's first network. 

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This session is open to the public, as well as designated representatives of REN-ISAC member institutions. Information is classified TLP:WHITE (REN-ISAC:PUBLIC).