Closing Doors to Generative AI Cyberattacks in Higher Education – and Opening Doors to New Ways of Teaching and Learning

with Chris Schaerli and Steve Foster of TIAA

Wednesday, June 14
Noon ET


New generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have increased capabilities of cyberattackers to successfully execute faster new, more harmful and more sophisticated cyberattacks against higher education institutions.

How big of a threat is generative AI a major cyberattack threat to the higher education industry? Will the technology also deliver more groundbreaking educational benefits for administrators, faculty and students? Will both happen simultaneously?

Join this new webinar titled “Closing Doors to Generative AI Cyberattacks in Higher Education – and Opening Doors to New Ways of Teaching and Learning” to find answers to these questions.

The webinar to be held on June 14th at 12 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Presenters will be two TIAA cybersecurity experts: Steve Foster, Lead Information Security Architecture, and Chris Schaerli, Senior Manager, Information Security Architecture. They’ll share crucial steps higher education security professionals should consider taking to close the door to generative AI cyberattacks.

The presentation will also focus on:

  • the rapid rise in harder-to-detect phishing attacks against higher ed fueled in part by generative AI
  • limitations of Generative AI
  • positive outlooks about this technology among higher ed professionals
  • opportunities to improve student learning using the technology and help administrators and professors perform work faster and more efficiently


Chris Schaerli
Chris got his start in IT support during Y2K and spent some time after that with the dot.com boom web enabling applications for a fortune 500 financial firm.   Chris has been working in Cyber Security Architecture for over 10 years and is currently managing the Security Architecture team at TIAA.  He has his Masters in Information systems as well as the following certifications: CISSP, CISM, CCSK, and Certified Blockchain Expert. 

Steve Foster
Steve Foster is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of industry experience with certifications in CISSP, AWS, Microsoft and Agile. He has worked in environments from DOT-COM startups to Fortune 100 financial and tech firms. When he’s not working, he keeps himself busy playing table-top games with friends, forging, martial arts, and spending time with his wife and two young sons. 

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