Knowledge is Power: Threat Intelligence Briefing for Educational Institutions

Thursday, September 30, 2021

2:00 PM3:00 PM



Sophisticated adversaries and targeted cyberattacks have continued to test the college and university cybersecurity strategy. These academic institutions are consistently targeted for PII, financial data, research, and more. Schools find themselves in a position where not only are they trying to stop ransomware attacks, they are trying to balance decentralized systems, privacy and academic freedom concerns, and other unique needs. Join this session to learn more about

  • Nation state threat actors
  • eCrime ecosystems and RaaS
  • and how adversaries performed recent cybersecurity breaches

Our Strategic Threat Advisor will discuss the latest observations seen and how it specifically relates to academic institutions The importance of knowing your adversary is an integral piece in preparing your organization with a holistic cybersecurity strategy.


Nina Padavil, Threat Advisor (CrowdStrike)

Nina is CrowdStrike’s threat advisor responsible for organizations across state, local government, education, and healthcare sectors in the United States. She helps organizations maximize the utility of cyber intelligence to prevent and defend against adversary threats. Previously, she has worked with larger enterprises and nascent security teams to build threat intelligence & cybersecurity programs in addition to testing cyber incident response capabilities. 

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