Becoming a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

with Chris Hilinski from TIAA

Wednesday, Sept 7
Noon ET


National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a month-long event dedicated to the initiative of increasing cybersecurity awareness for individuals and organizations to foster a healthy security culture. Join us to learn more on how to establish a "security-positive" mindset through programs like NCSAM and learn best practices on how associates can experience a casual yet informative learning model encompassing present threats that organizations face daily such as phishing emails. By engaging your associates in an NCSAM Program, you'll see an increase in event participation, reporting of phishing emails, as well as a decrease in overall susceptibility to phishing attempts. Not only can a successful Cybersecurity Awareness Month contribute to improved metrics, but it also allows for a refreshing take on a learning environment that can deliver reinforcement, encouragement, and empowerment when creating a healthy accountability partnership in cybersecurity.

Speaker: Chris Hilinski, Lead Information Security Manager, TIAA

A well-rounded technology enthusiast, Chris has over 6 years of robust experience—ranging from roles such as Systems Engineering, Infrastructure Support, Cyber Operations, and Application Security. Before graduating from Rutgers University, Chris worked in a variety of career development and education-based IT roles.

Now, a manager for TIAA’s Internal Cybersecurity Awareness program, Chris combines his passion for teaching with his love for technology, and has supported TIAA’s Internal Cybersecurity engagement efforts for over 4 years. In this role, Chris continues to plan and host a variety of security culture webinars, create dynamic multi-media based education, and maintain a solid “security posture” through his innovative approach on scenario-based phishing exercises.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys rollerblading, building computers, and volunteering for a tech-based nonprofit in Newark, NJ.

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This webinar is open to the public, as well as designated representatives of REN-ISAC member institutions. Information is classified TLP:WHITE.