OLD Become a Member

We're glad to see your institution is interested in becoming a member.  Before submitting an application, be sure to read through our documentation. Note that after your application is accepted, you will be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Information Sharing Policy.  Your nominees for member representative will each be required to agree to the Information Sharing Policy.

The person making this registration must be a CIO, CISO, CTO, or hold IT security responsibility at the institution.  One should also be able to obtain, or provide, fiscal approval to pay the annual membership fee (see our Fee Structure).  Please note that individual representatives are nominated by their Management Representative via our secure site. For more information, please contact MEMBERSHIP at REN-ISAC dot NET.


Important distinctions to note:

  • An institution is a "member" and is represented by a "management representative" and one or more "member representatives".
  • The management representative can choose to also participate as member representative but does not have to.
  • Member representatives participate in the operational information sharing forums.
  • Management representatives are responsible for actions including nominating and removing member representatives, membership fees, etc.

If the above button does not correctly paste the form into your email client, you can follow the instructions found here.