Fee Re-alignment

To check how your institution is classified, you can search listings in the Carnegie database.  When reviewing the results, look in the "Classification" column for "Basic".  The following table highlights our fee structure. 

Fee GroupClassification Category
Annual Fee
AU.S. doctoral universities: highest research activity in Carnegie$ 2,500.00
AAU, NZ, CA, UK universities over 25,000 enrollment$ 2,500.00
BU.S. doctoral universities: higher research activity in Carnegie$ 2,250.00
BAU, NZ, CA, UK universities up to 25,000 enrollment$ 2,250.00
BMedical centers and teaching hospitals$ 2,250.00
CU.S. doctoral universities: moderate research activity in Carnegie$ 1,500.00
CU.S. master's colleges & universities: larger programs in Carnegie$ 1,500.00
CAU, NZ, CA, UK universities up to 10,000 enrollment$ 1,500.00
CResearch & education networks$ 1,500.00
CResearch centers (federally funded)$ 1,500.00
CIndividual departments and university administration$ 1,500.00
DU.S. Colleges/Universities Not Classified Above$ 1,250.00
DAU, NZ, CA, UK Universities up to 2,500 Enrollment$ 1,250.00
DAssociate's Colleges, Community Colleges$ 1,250.00
DConsortia of 2 or more U.S. colleges*$ 1,250.00

Click here for a full explanation of our membership fees.

* In most cases, each institution in the consortium is assessed a membership fee