REN-ISAC Virtual Member Meeting (vRIMM) 2021


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
June 22 – 24 and June 29 – July 1 

The REN-ISAC Member Meeting (RIMM) is an exclusive event for REN-ISAC members that offers space for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussing cybersecurity operational protection and response. The conference features updates around existing REN-ISAC resources, previews of new services, and presentations from colleagues in the industry. Member participants are invited to showcase their personal or organizational accomplishments, posit security-based Gordian knots to puzzle over, and celebrate the diversity of thought and expertise of the REN-ISAC community.

Call for Proposals

This year’s REN-ISAC Member Meeting will be held virtually. While there is no specific track or theme, member participation shapes the calendar of events and makes it a unique experience for all 

Submit your vRIMM proposal from Monday, April 12 to Monday, May 10. 

vRIMM presentations usually ascribe to one of the three following formats. Please indicate which format you prefer on your proposal submission. 

Technical Presentation (45-60 minutes)

A technical presentation will explain and illustrate the actions needed to solve an issue or finalize a project. Discuss what you or your team has accomplished, and if you are still working on this, no worries! vRIMM is a great arena for discussing the steps you have taken, what has or has not worked, and where you are headed next. Limit of 2 presenters per submission. 

Panel Presentation (45-60 minutes)

A panel presentation will feature 2-4 individuals discussing current issues in cybersecurity, including topics like rolling out identity management programs, preparing for CMMC, being a security team of one, encouraging diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity, and more. The panel members may also discuss a project on which they have collaborated. The panelists are encouraged to select a moderator, but REN-ISAC will provide one if needed. 

Birds of a Feather Session (30-45 minutes)

A Birds of a Feather Session (BoF) is an informal discussion around any topic relevant to cybersecurity in research and higher education. This should be a presenter led session while including the audience voice through interactive elements. Limit of 2 presenters. 

For more information about the types of accepted presentations, check out the session titles, as well as recordings for public sessions, on the vRIMM 2020 event page.