Words Matter: Inclusive language in IT

with Jen Pacenza (REN-ISAC)

Slides for this presentation will be published shortly. 


Jen Pacenza, Information Security Analyst, REN-ISAC


Communities are defined by the words they use. As a community of professionals, IT has historically relied on technical jargon and professional shorthand that can have highly negative connotations. The language we use as a community is important to who we are and how we are perceived; therefore, it is time to examine and reevaluate our professional language to create a more inclusive professional community. This presentation will provide guidance for creating a more inclusive professional language, offering tactics on how to avoid ableist, ageist, gendered, and racially loaded professional language. 

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This recording is open to the public, as well as designated representatives of REN-ISAC member institutions. Information is classified TLP:WHITE.