Prepare your institution for a ransomware event

Ransomware events can be highly disruptive to college campuses. Not only can they lock IT systems and threaten sensitive data, but they can also interrupt the campus facilities systems controlling electronic locks, research storage, and residence hall and classroom HVAC. To prepare for this kind of complex threat, the 2020-2021 Blended Threat Workshop offered a hands-on scenario that enabled participants to analyze and mitigate the risks and challenges of a possible ransomware attack.

REN-ISAC is pleased bring you the 2021 Blended Threat Final Report, a record of the best practices, areas of improvement, and persistent challenges discussed during all seven workshops. Because of the workshops’ unique enterprise approach to risk management, this report gives you access to expert knowledge from a variety of functional offices and a broad selection of institutions in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

Read the 2021 Final Report

In addition, REN-ISAC has created a 2021 Final Report Brief that provides and executive overview of the top five best practices discovered during the series.

Read the 2021 Final Report Brief

Discover the benefits of participating

REN-ISAC gathered several former Blended Threat Workshop participants for a panel discussion on the workshops, the hands-on training they provide, and the personal and institutional benefits of attending, especially in light of the commonalities between 2019’s topic and the COVID-19 situation. Watch the video to learn more.