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REN-ISAC gathered several former Blended Threat Workshop participants for a panel discussion on the workshops, the hands-on training they provide, and the personal and institutional benefits of attending, especially in light of the commonalities between 2019’s topic and the COVID-19 situation. Watch the video to learn more.

Previous Workshop Findings

Since 2018, REN-ISAC facilitated yearly Blended Threat Workshops that posed real-world scenarios for both physical and cyber threats caused by a measles outbreak on a university campus. Check out our previous Final Findings Report to discover the best practices, areas of improvement, and challenges discovered on during following Blended Threat Workshop Scenarios

Measles Outbreak on Campus (2019) - Coming only months before COVID, the 2019 program focused on a hypothetical measles strain spreading to a college campus, causing follow-on impacts to students and staff.

Controversial Speaker on Campus (2018) - REN-ISAC’s inaugural program utilized a threat-informed and peer-approved scenario based on a hypothetical, controversial speaking event and surrounding hacktivist activity.

Short on time?

Check out the top best practices discovered during the workshops in the Final Findings Report Briefs, an abbreviated, executive version of the report.

Measles Outbreak Report Brief

Controversial Speaker Report Brief